16 September 2017

Route 66 On The Air

This past week I was thrilled to operate as W6K for Route 66 On The Air. I tried to go operate from the famous Round Barn in Arcadia, OK, that just wasn't possible this year.
So I went down the road to Pops. I thought that I took a pic of the giant soda bottle but I guess I didn't
Then I followed Route 66 all of the way through Oklahoma City until I got to the Lake Overholser Bridge just west of Bethany, OK.
Few signs are better than a Route 66 sign. 

 The actual bridge. Bridges like this take me back to my childhood in Clayton, OK. They had a single span blue bridge that was fun to drive over.
The sign that welcomes you to the park. 

Nothing like an Oklahoma sunset. 

 This is me operating PSK31 with a Elecraft KX3 and a Buddistick.

05 May 2017

20 Meters

This afternoon and evening 20 meters was doing real good. I assaulted the atmosphere with a destructive 4 watts.  Hope I did not do any permanent damage to the F Layer but sometimes a lot of power is required. I even thought about going all of the way up to 5 watts but decided against it because I did not want to blow the other guys radio. Anyway today using 4 watts and less on JT65 at 14.076 MHz I was able to work the following DX Entities:
United States
Asiatic Russia
Costa Rica
and Mexico

It was a lot of fun watching my little signal sail over the oceans and soar over the lands.  

03 May 2017

W2LJ QRP .... Do More With Less: Books

W2LJ QRP .... Do More With Less: Books: Books.  I love books.  Books and reading are a love that was passed down to me from my Mom. When my sister and I were little kids, my Mom wo...

01 May 2017

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon 2017

Wow, what an adventure!
I am still in recovery mode but what fun it was.
Yesterday was the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. The Memorial Marathon was established as a memorial for the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The bombing took place in the morning of 19 April 1995 when Tim McVeigh parked a truck bomb which destroyed the innocence of Oklahoma City for ever. Every aspect of the marathon was designed to pay special respect for each of the 168 people that lost their lives. At the start of the race 168 seconds of silence are held for the victims. Bib numbers 1-168 are not assigned to the runners but to the victims. 

Fire Fighters in Oklahoma have always been heroes. Not just a catchy fad after 9/11. Unfortunately Oklahoma fire fighters are some of the most battle hardened firefighters in the world. Each year they rescue us from some of the most extreme weather on the planet regardless if it is supersized tornadoes, raging wildfires, and even the Oklahoma City Bombing. Everyday they do superhuman feats and instead of bragging about it, they go off to save someone else. Yesterday I learned something new. A large number of firefighters showed up from all over the state to run the half marathon in full battle gear. They showed up wearing 75 pounds of gear to run a marathon. I can't think of anything to even compare that to. These men and women are truly superhuman. 

This year we had over 26,000 runners, That makes it close to the ballpark of the Boston Marathon that has about 30,000. In fact the OKC Memorial Marathon is a qualifying event for the Boston Marathon. We did learn something different between the Boston Marathon and the OKC Memorial Marathon. The Boston Marathon requires over 300 amateur radio operators to volunteer to make it run. The Memorial Marathon had just 80 amateur radio operators that made it work. Also every amateur radio operator in Boston had to carry 3 radios, a ham radio, a commercial radio and a 800 MHz radio. Us ham in OKC needed just one radio each to get the same job done. Yeah for OKC!

Last year I was in one of the water and ice trucks. This year I got to do net control for the water and ice trucks. We were located in a firefighters union hall and we shard the same room with the SAG net control guys and and the guys running the marathon timing equipment. I have been doing a weekly net control for over 2 years now. This experience was completely different. I learned a lot and hopefully I will be better prepared next year. 
When I saw all of the porta potties right under the sign for the Department of Environmental Quality , I could not stop laughing. 

AF5DI, AE5MT, and N5PT running net control for the SAG units.
My Buddistick was up and running on 2 Meters all day. The water jugs were used as weight since we were having storms all weekend. 


KF5CKQ and KE5EQU at water and ice net control

The whole ham crew